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(usb0,0) not usb0

Your reference to usb0 is wrong, you need to write (usb0,0). The usb0 refers to the device and the ,0 means the first partition on that device. Use the command devls and dir (usb0,0)/ .

And do you have separate /boot partition? If you have a separate boot partition then you can just to /vmlinux, if not then you'll need /boot/vmlinux.

And your kernel might be vmlinuz not vmlinux so adjust accordingly.

Use the devls and dir command to find out your situation and create the correct load command.

Probably something like:

load /dev/fs/ext2@(usb0,0)/vmlinux


load /dev/fs/ext2@(usb0,0)/boot/vmlinux

For more see:

And you can get away with dropping /dev/fs/ext2 which gets you down to:

load (usb0,0)/vmlinux


load (usb0,0)/boot/vmlinux

loading vmlinux from flash


Never seen a command line interface to a BIOS. Thank you for this. I will try to learn to mastery. For now I am a newbie.

I am trying to load gNewSense on my Yeelong. Searched though several places that say that I must load the USB memory file vmlinux though the command:

load /dev/fs/ext2@usb0/vmlinux

The error I get is:

Couldn't find partition [usb0]
/dev/fs/ext2@usb0/vmlinux: No such file or directory

Tryed usb1 though 4 and the error was different in the model of:

Couldn't find device [usb1]
/dev/fs/ext2@usb1/vmlinux: No such file or directory

Is there a more extensive manual of PMON200O than the manual on the command line? Where do you think I should search and what should I look for?

useful commands

You can type devls to see which devices are available. If you then see a USB device like usb0, type: dir (usb0,0)/, which should give a listing of files.

Also check which I just updated.

Sorry, can't help you there

Sorry, can't help you there since Lemote cut their own version of PMON2000 and added ext2. Regretfully they have not contributed any code back to the project so we don't know anything about it.

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