Recovery of PMON 2.x system without another computer

Is there any way to recover a broken PMON 2.1 system without the use of another computer? Below is what I found in my research, just want to make sure I'm not missing a technique.

Also, is there a PMON 2.x command to list all available disk devices?


It looks like the choices are remove the hard drive and do the install/rescue from another machine, or boot via the network from another machine via TFTP or NFS. It looks like [ USB Support only exists in PMON 2000 3.x], not the 2.x versions on the lemote machines.
* Local/Removed Hard Drive: [ Install Linux from USB CD-drive] - Actually sort of misnamed, the author couldn't get booting from USB CD to work via PMON, so instead did the OS install by removing the hard drive and installing from another computer.
* Local/From working OS: [ HOWTO - Install Debian Onto a Remote Linux System] should probably work with only minor modifications.
* Network/NFS: [ Gentoo on Loongson port]
* Network/TFTP: [ Loongson Netboot Images] and [ Downloading Files via Ethernet]
* PMON [ diskboot] command doc

Command 'devls' lists devices

There is a command named 'devls' which lists what devices where found during startup probing.

Lemote uses a heavily modified PMON2000 2.x. That is pretty much all we know about it. The original PMON2000 2.x supports booting via tftp or disc/CD attached via SCSI or PATA disk drives.

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