Anonymous CVS

Using CVS to get and update the PMON2000 source

CVS was designed to be a simple way to retrieve and update your sources, therefore there isn't much involved at all in doing so. 

Read only anonymous CVS access is provided for free and allows download of the source code without having an account on this site.

Setting up

A couple of things need to be done before starting to download. First the access method must be choosen. CVS normally uses the Secure Shell or SSH method and this is the only method supported by the main anonymous repository.

Secure Shell - SSH

Secure Shell or SSH, is a secure and easy to use too which can be used to access the anonymous CVS servers. This is the recommended and currently only way to access the main repository. SSH is a standard tool available on most platforms.

Remote Shell - RSH

Remote Shell or RSH is another remote shell method. Remote Shell is not supported on the main repository but may be supported on future mirror sites. If you want to run a mirror site and provide rsh access you may contact us using the contact page.

NOTE: For users wishing to use rsh, you must first set the CVS_RSH variable to rsh.

  • For Korn/Bourne shells:
    $ export CVS_RSH=/usr/bin/rsh
  • For csh/tcsh:
    % setenv CVS_RSH /usr/bin/rsh



pserver is primarily useful for users who are behind firewalls that block the other two connections.

Choose repository

Pick one of the repositorys (currently only the main) from the list below. Then, either set the CVSROOT environment variable to the path or use the -d switch in cvs. See examples above on how to set CVS_RSH for different shells.


Once you have chosen which Anonymous CVS Server you will use, and which method you will use, you can start using cvs.

To checkout PMON2000 R3.x do the following:


cvs checkout pmon2000
or cvs -d repository checkout pmon2000

To check out the previous version 2.x do the following:

cvs checkout pmon
or cvs -d repository checkout pmon

Available Anonymous CVS Servers protocols: ssh. updated every 60 minutes.

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