The stty command set and display terminal settings.

Command Format

stty [device][-a] [baud][sane][flags]


device name of the device to change
-a show all tty parameters
baud set port to the baud baudrate
sane reset settings to default, leaving badrate as is
ixany allows any character to restart the output
-ixany allows only START to restart the output
ixoff enables tandem mode
-ixoff disables tandem mode

When invoking the stty command with no parameters, the terminal type and baud rate for the tty0 port is displayed

Functional description

The stty command displays and sets the terminal options, such as terminal emulation type, baud rate, and ioctl settings.

PMON> stty
PMON> stty -a
istrip ixon -ixany -ixoff icanon echo echoe icrnl onlcr
erase=^H stop= start=^Q eol=^J eol2=^C vintr=^C

Although the stty command allows all listed flag settings to be changed the expected effect on the line dicipline on the console port may not be achived. This is due to the built in line edit capability. Setting or clearing these parameters on other tty ports will have the desired effect though.


The command uses no environment variable.

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