The bt command unwind and display the stack

Command Format

bt [-v] [cnt]


-v verbose. Print any additional frame information
cnt limit the nesting depth to cnt levels

Functional description

The bt command unwinds the debugged programs stack by inspecting the stack and code. The actual trace output is architecture dependent. The -v option is used to print out any available additional information like call arguments (register parameters) if this information is available. To limit the number of levels the traceback is going back the cnt argument can be used.

A typical stack trace output may look like this (MIPS architecture) after having reached a breakpoint:

PMON> c write+10
write+0x0010 3c09a07f lui t1,0xa07f
PMON> bt
write+0x0010 (0x00000001,0xa0030300,0x0000001c)
flsbuf+0x0234 (0xa0030300,0xa0029030)
printf+0x045c (0xa0025490,0xa0020000,0x000000001,0x00000010)
main+0x0138 (0x00000001,0xa07ffffe0)
_start+0x0040 ()



The command uses no environment variable.

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