PMON2000 Boot Firmware

PMON2000 logoPMON2000 is one of the most capable and feature rich embedded system firmwares available. Its emphasis is on portability while providing a rich selection of features. And it's Open Source.

Some of the features included are:

Lemote Yeeloong netbook and PMON2000

PMON2000 was chosen by Lemote for the Yeeloong MIPS based netbook. Since Lemote have done all the work by themself, we have no possibility to support this version. It should be possible to upgrade the firmware to PMON2000 3.0 but regretfully we don't have any resources to engage in such an effort. Any volunteer should be able to grab Lemotes code base and upgrade it.

PMON2000 R3.x

It is now possible to download the code for PMON2000 R3.x from CVS. Note that you should grab pmon2000 instead of pmon to get the new version.

This version currently have no code for powerpc. If you want to contribute to change that please feel free to do so.

This code is mainly provided for system integrators and there is not many targets supported 'out of the box'. BSPs exist for a couple of PMC-Sierra evaluation boards and for the Linksys NSS4000 and NSS6000.

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